Unicorn Kush, a mix of Pure Kush and Tao Purple, is an indica-dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) with a THC level of 23%-25%. The flavour really tastes like artificial berries and as you continue to toke, a steeped tea deepness evolves. The aroma share similar characteristics of artificial berries and sweet candies, with an earthiness containing it all.

The buds has smaller sized nugs that are dull, light-green with faint amber hairs and a light dusting of white trichomes.

Users of Unicorn Kush experience a euphoric high that can simply be described as “just really nice”. You’ll feel a light buzz in your head that provides some anxiety relief while your body falls deeply into relaxation that will remove any discomfort or pains you may be feeling. You may feel a bit hungry but you’ll soon fall deeply into sleep.

It’s been known to help relieve conditions such as, anxiety, appetite loss, chronic pain, and insomnia.


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